Managed Forex Accounts for savvy Investors


As I tell on my homepage I was rather determined to leave the managed forex area – but I must admit you should never say never. When I found this awesome strategy and could check it in more detail I knew I had to make a deal with Mayfairbrooks  I was in contact with via skype for years already. Could get a special deal for my investors – well, could convince them with my 15 years of experience in this field. 

I think it will compliment my masternoding offer very well and not compete with it. Rather be good for diversification. So some may want to put part of their masternoding-profits over here.

It is a very special low-risk high return strategy that the company only shared so far with a couple of friends and special clients. They don’t show it on their website and I will be the only partner to offer this to a wider international clientele. Given the very short track record, I could arrange a tiny minimum investment of only 1k€. Special offer: any investor with 2k€ still in October will get his own hosted FXBlue-link while from Nov. 1st you need 3k€ for this. Such an FXBlue- link will be more convenient than any broker back office. 

„MayfairBrooksFX“ – This is our Higher Yield investment strategy, that caters to the needs of investors with higher risk tolerance, and who are seeking ROI levels significantly exceeding the market average ones and those from other alternative investment solutions. In order for us to ensure that their requirements are met, we have applied strict risk management in combination with round the clock monitoring.


  1.  – The account has been run through one of our recommended brokers and in a period of 36 days (that is including Saturday and Sundays), our investors have been able to boost their profitability quite well as you can see on this fxblue-link.  
2.  –  Another account that has given the ability for this investor of ours to reach a Return on his Investment of 104.8% , basically doubling his invested capital in a span of just 4 months. The reason why the trading has been commenced until the middle of September, is due to changes executed by the broker
*- Max Risk – 500 USD or EUR * per account with optimal size between 1 and 5k€
*- Expected Monthly Returns – 10.00% – 15.0% Net after all fees.
Annual Earnings – Over 200% Net*  Of course past performance is no guarantee for future results.
*- Min. Investment: 1,000 EUR/USD/GBP (not lower than 1,000)*-
Strategy diversification – G10, Commodity Currencies, and Gold
– Trading Model – Automated with active risk management applied to it
– Liquidity – Daily
Brokers Ranked Based on the Performance starting with the best performing and moving down the ladder. Just use these links for opening and later funding your account, please.

Choose Variable spreads account – Leverage – 1:500

Note: the bank wire option will appear as soon as the client`s profile is fully verified,

before that he will see only some of the available deposit method and options

Only need to choose account currency.
There are more brokers that we are working with, however the above are the two places with the best performance that we have.
We can also assist the clients with the account opening procedures, account verifications and also if there is a need to split the funds to better allocate them between the brokers and within the brokers too.
FXPrimus does not take clients from Australia, France, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Belgium, France and Singapore
Naga takes France + Singapore. Both don’t take the other normal suspects like Iran etc.