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Golden Gate CFD

The primary directive of Golden Gate Managed Accounts is utilization of multiple, inherently different strategies to limit overall risk while targeting consistent, profitable monthly returns. Employing both algorithmic and discretionary (manual) trading approaches, it seeks both shorter term trading advantages as well as longer term alignments with trends in major currencies, the combination of which is designed to produce attractive monthly returns with lessened downside risk. This approach has shown a remarkably profitable and steady return during volatile economic conditions worldwide over its initial year of trading. This account is now accepting new clients with a conveniently low minimum to open an account at this time. It is an opportunity we encourage all investors seeking strong returns to consider.

Our due diligence on Golden Gate CFD included review of broker status, direct conversations with the trade management group, reviewing detailed trade lists and reports, and observing forward trading performance in a real account. We have concluded that Golden Gate FX represents an outstanding consideration for investors with moderate to aggressive risk/reward objectives.  (Note: this managed account has no relation to any other financial instruments, institutions or entities with Golden Gate in their title or name.)


Trading Approach & Risk Management

Managed Golden Gate accounts employ a suite of trading strategies whose setups generate plentiful market entry and exit opportunities, sufficient for keeping individual trade risk manageable while aiming for overall account profitability. Traders utilized by Golden Gate have complementary skills and backgrounds including computer programming and institutional money management, overall with a combined 50 years of experience in financial markets.

The trading strategies employed by Golden Gate traders are comprised of both algorithmic and discretionary trading methodologies. This gives Golden Gate the potential to offer lower volatility in performance whilst encapsulating aggressive return objectives. Of noteworthy importance in managing risk is umbrella oversight enabling careful monitoring of net exposures, leverage and position correlation. In alignment with this is application to a variety of financial instruments to avoid „all eggs in one basket“ shortcomings when trading only one or two. In general the „team approach“ mirrors that used by most established financial institutions who offer their investors multiple element investment funds.

DRAWDOWNS. Analysis of the first year of Golden Gate CFD trades shows that since trading start in September 2016 its trading decisions have incorporated manageable closed-trade, peak-to-valley drawdowns not exceeding -16.6%, all of which were fully recovered. During this period a total of only 4 such drawdowns were observed that extended past -9.0%. The maximum floating (open trade) peak-to-valley drawdown that we observed under unusually adverse price behavior was -31.6% and was fully recovered in about a week. This indicates alignment between risk management and the associated high level of profit objective.


Account Details

Profit share/performance fee: 35% monthly (high-water mark basis)

Account Minimum: $10,000

To open an account: Instructions and Account Application



Golden Gate FX uses a multiple-element approach that targets consistent, low volatility, above market returns over the medium to long term. It’s combined strategies range from sophisticated trend following algorithms to discretionary scalping and fundamental swing trading. The differing strategies work in harmony to provide a diversification that gives investors the opportunity to profit during a variety of market conditions. Adjunct to this is ongoing fundamental analysis, which can play a significant role in mitigating risks associated with trading instruments strongly influenced by economic and political factors. With risk-management a top priority, the approach aims to achieve strong profitability regardless of underlying market environment or whether particular currencies are rising or falling.

While Golden Gate management believes in the power of solid trading strategies, they also believe that market dynamics change, depending on political, macro and micro economic decisions – and the aim is always to have traders adapt to what the market has to offer. Results have demonstrated the success of this approach, as indicated in the Performance Tables below. NOTE: client results may be further enhanced by the remarkable effect of compounding profits, as many investors leave profits in accounts to compound, which increases returns when profits are made (though this ALSO increases risk of loss).

In the table below you will see monthly, non-compounded returns for Golden Gate CFD, starting in September 2016 when trading in live verified accounts was begun. The first 12 months show the combined results of individual trader accounts which comprise the Golden Gate team. All results are presented at current Golden Gate trade leverage which is shown in the trade lists and reports below. See the actual trade data and broker reports since the inception of Golden Gate CFD trading below under „More Information“.




 2018 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YEAR
   Closed P/L


 2017 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YEAR
   Closed P/L 31.4% 4.0% -6.4% 1.1% 4.4% -2.5% 9.2% 22.0% -2.2% 10.3% -7.1% 0 57.1%
   Floating n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a none none none none -2% -2%


 2016 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YEAR
   Closed P/L 22.5%  48.4%  17.9%  9.4% 98.2%
   Floating n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


*See paragraph above. Closed Trade Results (Closed P/L): after broker spread/commission/swap, UNadjusted for performance fee, may vary between accounts, NOT compounded. If profits are reinvested, compounding makes annual return significantly greater. Floating: total gross profit/loss of open trades (if any) at month’s end, after broker spread/commission and swap.


Some of the performance represents very high returns, and under no circumstances will requests for use of higher leverage be considered. Larger investors with sufficient deposits may request use of LESS leverage on an individual basis.


More Information

To see trade lists and reports from Golden Gate CFD since inception of trading in Sep 2016, please click the links below:

SEP 2016 – AUG 2017




For trading performance, analysis and data from Sept 2017 forward, from a  live Golden Gate CFD Managed Account — please click  HERE.  (To see 3rd-party verification for trading prior to Sept 2017 [trader’s account], please click  here.)