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See what a great start ProconFX had in January

Dear Investor,

1) ProconFX trading system from Canada

Protonfx finished December with +7.8% and January with 6.9%

It trades on reputable Investors had to move there early August as they need higher leverage than now allowed within Europe.

Min. investment is still only 7.500 €.

That’s how the developer describes his system:

Investment Program #1 –

  • This strategy trades 0.01 – 0.04 per $5,000 USD
  • We only trade EURUSD.
  • Since we trade very small lots relative to the account size, we don’t place initial stop loses.
  • At times, we may have up to 50 open positions. Once the overall trade arrives in profit, stop loses are applied to all open trades.
  • We built custom indicators that detect momentum, velocity, average and abnormal price fluctuations and trend consistencies that assist us with our entries.
  • If momentum increases in the opposite direction, we hedge open positions to manage risk.
  • We do not trade around any major risk event such as elections, central bank meetings, NFP, etc… With that said, our strategy in fact could, but we prefer not to.
  • This strategy is fully automated, however we monitor this strategy daily for effective risk management purposes, at times disable trading completely to avoid any unnecessary risk, and to seek ways of improving our existing system.
  • Since inception, we’ve been able to produce average monthly results of 6-15% conservatively.

Our strategy was designed based on market psychology and to trade even throughout some of the most uncertain risk events. But with that said, we recently decided to limit our maximal drawdown to attract institutional investors so we now either avoid trading during major risk events like FOMC meetings or only trading with reduced lot sizes and a limited number of open trades.

Based on market psychology all rallies retrace to a minimum of 23.6% and since we continue to add more lots as the trade moves against us, all we need is a slight retracement to put the overall trade in profit.  And no it’s not a grid, it trades based on momentum. Price is irrelevant and it detects market velocity, i.e. the speed at which pips fluctuate. Kind of market quantum physics.

Signal fees are 33% of gross (negotiable for bigger amounts). With ProconFX we can also take investors for ex. from Australia, Japan, and Canada. This system can get copied into any MT4/MT5 account at a broker of your choice worldwide. US-clients can work with an Oanda-account. This system also works with 1:200 – 1:50 then producing smaller profits of course.

If started on Nov.1st your account would be worth today net 9240€.

Updated list of Leverages and corresponding min. investments:

Leverage 1:400 – Min Balance: €7,500 at ProtonCapitalMarkets
Leverage 1:200 – Min Balance: $15,000 at a broker of your choice
Leverage 1:100 – Min Balance: $30,000               “
Leverage 1:50 – Min Balance: $35,000                 “
Leverage 1:30 – Min Balance: $50,000                 “

Send me account opening details!

My chat with Michael on Jan. 23/24th:

Michael, are you testing a new strategy? 1 lot on 14k within 1.5 hours

Michael, 21:32
No the market is just consolidating. In these hours the market is always dead.I moved down to trading on the 5 min in this phase of consolidation

I see

Michael, 21:34
There are different ways of trading the various phases of the market. If the market is volatile, it’s best to trade on larger timeframes but when it’s in this phase it’s low risk and easy money


Michael, 21:35
Ya it’s best to be diverse

Michael, 04:05
Sorry Juergen, it’s been a slow month. Was trying to grab some profits before tomorrow’s ECB meeting but decided to close out early with a small loss to avoid trading during tomorrow’s meeting. Sometimes you have to take a few shots. We can’t expect to win them all.

As you know, we stay out of the market whenever we have anything related to ECB, Fed, or FOMC. Trading should resume after the meeting or latest by Friday.

Michael, 04:15
I always look at everything in terms of risk so I had to accept a small loss here. Just couldn’t risk us trading through tomorrow’s meeting. Never know which direction the market will turn to. Sorry about that small loss. Next week will be a lot better. Thank you for understanding.

Well I fully understand him as capital preservation should always be the priority over higher profits.

Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form.

Never forget: Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

Kind regards

Juergen Bappert

Im Weingarten 8
79219 Staufen

Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form.







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