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See what a great start Proconfx has in December

Dear Investor,91) ProconFX trading system from Canada had a great start in November and finished now with +15.2% gross. (October +12.2%) December +3.9% so far.

It trades on reputable Investors had to move early August as they need a higher than now allowed leverage in Europe. Min. investment is still only 7.500 €.

That’s how the developer describes his system:

Our strategy was designed based on market psychology and to trade even throughout some of the most uncertain risk events. But with that said, we recently decided to limit our maximal drawdown to attract institutional investors so we now avoid trading during major risk events like the midterm elections that are ongoing today as well as the FOMC meeting we have on Thursday.

The way our strategy works, is we trade relatively small lots when the market is in either a phase of consolidation or a retracement phase. These phases are primarily before or after major risk events on the economic calendar. Per €7500.00 EUR in the account, we start with trading 0.03 – 0.06 with 1:400 leverage and slowly increase with growth of the account.

Since our lots are small, we prepare to trade up to 50 positions on any given side. Based on market psychology all rallies retrace to a minimum of 23.6% and since we continue to add more lots as the trade moves against us, all we need is a slight retracement to put the overall trade in profit.

Once in profit, stop losses are added to all open positions. And no it’s not a grid, it trades based on momentum.

Price is irrelevant and it detects market velocity, i.e. the speed at which pips fluctuate. Kind of market quantum physics.

Signal fees are 33% of gross (negotiable for bigger amounts). With ProconFX we can also take investors for ex. from Australia, Japan and Canada. This system can get copied into any MT4/MT5 account at a broker of your choice worldwide. US-clients can work with an Oanda-account. This system also works with 1:200- 1:50 then producing smaller profits of course.

If started on Nov.1st your account would be worth today net 8484€

Updated list of Leverages and corresponding min. investments:

Leverage 1:400 – Min Balance: €7,500 at ProtonCapitalMarkets
Leverage 1:200 – Min Balance: $15,000 at a broker of your choice
Leverage 1:100 – Min Balance: $30,000               “
Leverage 1:50 – Min Balance: $35,000                 „

Leverage 1:30 – Min Balance: $50,000                  „


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2. Our new offer from London ForexInvest showing a real 2-Year-Track Record gets described by his owner like this:
The managed forex program is an algo based, proprietary engine that analyses multiple bank flows and orders to various liquidity venues and trade matching exchanges. The algo engine detects currency cross flows from major institutional sell side organisations to dark pool sources. The end result is a
multi-dimensional forex system that is aligned to major
bank order flow and medium term institutional positioning.

The system will seek to make short trade entries lasting hours on key major order buy and sell clusters (levels). This method of trade
positioning ensures we have trade bias of a given movement and the strategys‘ ability to remain in a trade until the move is exhausted, realising optimum profit potential. Using a favourable risk reward ratio our strategy can operate in all types of market conditions, flat to volatile, trending and non-trending. Each position uses a fixed stop loss to ensure trade risk control with adherence to strict cash management policies.

Our unique engine generates trading signals that are filtered by the
trading team depending on current market conditions, open trade exposure and impending fundamental news impact.The trading primarily seeks to enter in the direction of the major trend using minor trend (corrective trend) exhaustion price zones for market entry.

The key to the strategy is the prevention of early trade entry through the use of limit orders (ordinarily). Once the larger fundamental picture has been established and the technical aspects confirmed, an edgecan be realised in the market. The strategy is designed to maximise returns with primary emphasis on cash preservation and low market exposure.
The currency pairs likely to be traded may include, but are not confined to are EUR/USD, USDJPY and EURAUD. Trading these pairs is in an attempt to ensure adequate liquidity in the spot Forex market at all times.

In favourable market conditions we may implement a shorter term
component of our trading system taking advantage of intraday movements in the major cross rates. This is dependent on market volatility, liquidity and underlying market sentiment at that time.

ID for login is 000

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3. Currently, they have an all-time high performing Trader at this leading platform that you can join and start with as low as 150 USD as a minimum. Pleases read strategy details.

For really small money you can get your feet wet by giving him a try and participate in these outstanding profits.  Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form on

Never forget: Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

Kind regards

Juergen Bappert Im Weingarten 8 79219 Staufen Germany

Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form on







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