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OutlierFX now ready for trading client accounts

Dear Investor,

1) OutlierFX is now ready to start trading client accounts on March 8th. If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers you can imagine why we chose this name for our white-label programm that was built over last 4 weeks.

That’s how the developer and owner Ryan whom I know since 2010 describes his system:

I took a few years off traveling and developing new strategies, one of
which I’m releasing next week as my company’s flagship program called
*Sentex*. We utilize large-scale data mining and apply machine learning
algos in order to develop strategies based on non-linear correlations found
within the data sets. The technical details of which I’d be happy to
share with you if you’re interested to learn more about the underlying

Sentex has been producing unleveraged (1:1) annual returns of around 19%
with less than 2% peak-to-valley equity drawdowns.

Based on the risk profile it can be levered upwards of 10-15x and still
offer appropriate risk-metrics for retail clients. That said, it doesn’t
trade often, only about 2-3 tickets per week across 4 active pairs.

So, we’ve also developed an aggressive, high volume retail hybrid
program called ViperFX, which incorporates a backbone of Sentex trading
signals at 7:1 leverage along with a handful of „sub-strategies“, one of
which is a fractal-based range trader. Min. Investment only 3000€Results at

Important: due to knowing him for so long I could convince him to let go my clients without any Performance fee – so instead of 33% or 25% in the past you now have 0% deducted from monthly profits. Please neglect those perf. fee-percentages still shown on broker website. Over all we can expect very similar returns as those shown

You can open your account here:

Once done please let me know so I can check with the broker whether all is o.k.

Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form.

Never forget: Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

Kind regards

Juergen Bappert

Im Weingarten 8
79219 Staufen

Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form.







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