Managed Forex Accounts for savvy Investors

My two outstanding forex offers now on myfxbook

Now  both forex offers on myfxbook

1. Tony:
Min. investment: 10k USD,  Average 6.25% p.m., signal-fee 25%


Min. investm.: 6k EUR/USD till end of July- later 10k Average: 8.5% p.m., signal-fee 30%

Your account for each of them you can open here: Please when asked for your experience enter 24+ months as only then you will get the correct leverage we need.

Once opened pls let me know so I can follow up. If you like to join both you only need to open one account and then let me know – broker will get you a second one.

Once you got your account number/login, you can wire funds to WireCardBank in Germany for EUROS or SwissQuoteBank in Switzerland for USD. Will then forward details.