Managed Forex Accounts for savvy Investors

Track record:

Given the team  keeps up this level of performance you can expect this

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While the team’s Arabic clients need to invest min. 50 BTC I could convince my friend Mohammed to let me promote the trading with a much smaller min. of only 10 BTC.

With 10 € or 10 BTC you make 14% (20% gross less 30% perf. fee=6% fees) per month which over a year can let you reach 48 BTC. So at 10.000€/BTC you could go from 100k to 480k – and if over the year price would double (what many expect now again) you’d end up with 960k€. So over one year you would grow by 380% and over 2 years by 2300% without any price change. Important: you will not pay any fees on the increase of value of your BTC as your funds are invested in BTC all fees are paid in BTC too. So after a year you can expect to have gone from 10 to 48 BTC net. If price has gone up during that time your investment will be worth more accordingly and if it went down you will have covered any loss (counted in Euros or Dollars) and still have made a profit.

And if this comes true: „One of the key indexes that have been keeping track of the BTC prices fairly accurately over the years is the Stock-to-Flow ratio. Now, according to recent chart analysis, it was estimated that Bitcoin prices would be around $60,000 by August 2020.“ Then your 10 BTC could turn into 48 x 60k= $2.88M – Amazing.

Above Trading Performance does not show the compounding effect – the team said: without it already looks impressive enough. 🙂

Message to all „HODLERS“: you want to keep your BTC long-term – but are not sure what to do if ever price would fall considerably. Well with your BTC traded here (with 14% net on av. per month) you could neglect even a drop of 79% (!) in price – from 10k to 2.1k for example within next year  – and would still be slightly in profit if you then had to sell for whatever reason.

The Team:

a) Chairman & CEO of Mohammed A. Financial Consultants, specializing in financial and investment advice. Mohammed has over 25 years of experience in securities, FX, commodities and derivatives trading. He has a sizeable inverstors following in Saudi Arabia and regularly makes live TV appearances to provide his insights on financial markets on CNBC Arabia, Sky News, Al Alekhbaria TV and others. Prior to this, Mohammed spent over a decade running investment advisory, product development and financial securities trading businesses in the US. His main focus is currently providing investment related services in the newly developing market of digital assets.

b) Petro is a founder and managing partner of M. Group, proprietary trading group which specializes in cryptocurrency trading and transaction settlement. He has spent over a decade trading traditional currencies and currency derivatives for investment banks with an outstanding track record of performance as well as managing teams of traders. Petro has worked as a senior currencies trader at RBS, and managed teams of traders across regions as a Director at BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse. In addition to his traditional background, he has extensive experience in algorithmic trading as well as successful portfolio management on the buy-side. He holds a BSc Hons in Computing & Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London.

Full Details will get disclosed to qualified investors within a multi-page presentation.

They say: We are not providing this offering as part of a fund.  Our setup is more akin to a Managed Accounts setup, meaning that the users create their own trading and we plugin and trade it. Funds are insured via the Binance-SaFu-fund.

The way I understood the trading strategy explained was:  the strategy is a combination of technical and crowd management.  Contact me and I will explain their strategy and why it is so secure for our investors.