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CycleFX: +6% gross p.m. on average over last 21 months

Re: Cycle FX  – this is an article the Trader/System-owner is showing how it works:

A few months ago, a very close friend of mine, Joan -a great mind and engineer, who happened to be laid off over 2 years ago in an ‚improving economy‘ environment-, came to talk to me. He had just one demand: „trade the bulk of what’s left of my saved money.“

„No way“ – I replied. It seemed bizarre to me that a so-thoughtful guy like him would come with this absurd request. It’s not only that we’re not talking risk money being invested here, but that any potential losses would mean even less disposable income to face a harsh enough reality for a family father that is being mercilessly placed out of the job market and has no revenue streams coming his way and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

His reaction was „fine, I’ll take this to someone else“. Understanding that the demand was for real and that he himself was at that ‚tipping point‘ where too much or too little talk wouldn’t even matter, I chose to accept the ‚job‘. „No limitations, Tony… do as you would to your own account.“ Trying to reason about leverage and being conservative was a futile attempt on my part. It had to be on ‚his‘ terms.

However, at the same time, while we were going through the account opening paperwork (and accepting the use of the dreadful MT4 platform) process, a feeling that ‚things would be alright‘ engulfed me. The account was all set in mid-September, and I started trading right after that.

You see, having been with large institutional funds and hedge funds of funds doing the Spot currency (FX) trading, I’ve come to the realization that prop-shops or mid-to-large individual accounts will do a trader much better than trading 50-100M on a fund that imposes strict (ridiculous, preposterous) limitations, which affect the rolling out (in full) of trading models. Indeed, trading my 6 figure account am making far more (over 9x) than the last institutional account, it’s that simple. The fact that I trade my account in an unhinged and unrestricted fashion is the only way I can prove that the model works…limitations and stupid decisions on behalf of others who don’t care to understand the mechanics of your model will never even get close to these results.

Fast forward to today, when I closed my latest cyclic positions on his account. I cannot even come close to explain how exultant and full of joy I was when I rang him to tell him the account ending balance, and that he’d better be ready for a quick cash withdrawal. I still get the shivers when the last bit of those positions was closed out and over 40K €uros were confirmed as the overall NET profit. Who cares about success fees at this point, really…we’re going to celebrate this in about one hour from now and I’ll continue to trade his account once the wire transfer is cleared, when that account will have turned into a ‚risk money‘ investment again.

I’ve never doubted of my model, an algorithm-based visual system that started to work in real time in 2006, that has never undergone revisiting or optimizing, and which deals on a very basic ‚hack‘ EXCLUSIVE to the currency markets. However, having been at large firms with idiotic limitations, I had second thoughts about changing some of the lines of command of the algorithm, to ‚please‘ their needs. I’m happy I decided against and quit instead…to just trade on my behalf, on my OWN terms, respecting the positions and operating cycles AT ALL TIMES. You bet it’s paid off…hundred-fold.

Check what I did in the last couple of months on my friend’s account using this full statement link…Today is one of those little ‚proud games‘ one deserves to play from time to time…I hope you may all share it with me. Cheers !

And this is how the system developer also describes it in short:

•  I started the development of my model back in 2003, after a long and deep relationship with neural networks in the index futures markets.

•  I realized that the relative value of currencies –as opposed to the absolute value of any other financial instrument- gave me an edge when the supply/demand price relationship was out of whack.

•  Combining that with my algorithm-creation skills, I set about identifying the variables (to use as inputs) that wouldn’t ever require optimizing or re-visiting (the big neural network flaw).
I got the formula after 3 years.

•  My model uses real-time price data to plot a mirror chart on top of the actual price chart. Since it is pure price-action based, 90% or more of the time the mirroring is PERFECT.
But what I’m interested in is in trading the % of the time the mirroring isn’t there when price divergences/discrepancies appear, and which need to return to mean (aka, back to perfect mirroring or both charts moving in sync). Upon your request, I will send you a screenshot of these charts.

•  Using very simple arrow tools (red arrow for sell and green arrow for buy),my model plots the trading signals (and alerts) whenever the relationship is out of sync.

• The system can trade off the 60-minute chart onwards, sometimes intraday positions are acceptable. Trades usually last longer than overnight, but depending on situations they may be closed the same day. It looks for 1:3 -at least- risk/reward ratio trades.     Track Record   4 previous months with a different broker

Results our clients see in their accounts – a solid 6% average monthly -trading started April 2018 – second link started in August 2018 when broker had to be changed due to needing higher leverage than allowed in Europe from Aug. 1st.

Signal fees:   20k€+   30% of monthly gross  and 50k€+  25%   Min. investment: 20k€

Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

Kind regards
Juergen Bappert

Im Weingarten 8
79219 Staufen

Do feel free to contact me with any question you may have via email or the contact form.

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